This site is defunct for the time being. A few pages have been retained as an archive. The information provided is correct as at 6 December 2018.

I am standing for Parliament for Ivanhoe District in the 2018 State election because we can do much better. We can:

  • do our bit to avoid dangerous climate change,
  • improve our public health (including mental health) system,
  • improve our public education system,
  • improve our transport system,
  • reduce inequality,
  • properly care for our environment,
  • actually deal with the root causes of crime, and
  • require high ethical standards from our politicians.

If elected to Parliament, I will work hard to do all of these things; for the people of Ivanhoe District and for all Victorians.

The Greens are putting together their biggest campaign in Ivanhoe yet. If you want to get involved, please volunteer or donate. I look forward to meeting you.